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WebCeph X YouTube Channel

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Please subscribe and watch all valuable lectures from great speakers around the world.


Thankfully, with the permission of our speakers, lectures have been recorded on the YouTube channel and shared on the WebCeph X and the WEBCEPH webinar channels.

Disclaimer: WebCeph X and all the speakers contributing to WebCeph X have no affiliation with any product or company for any type of interest in the context of the subject of any of our webinars or lectures. All our speakers are volunteers and are not offered for any honorarium fees of gifts of any type. All ... Read more


Thank you very much. It is so useful.

[Notice] 2021 System Check

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For better service, we conduct regular system checks as follows. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Depending on the situation, the inspection time may decrease or increase.

Date: Sat Feb 20th 10PM ~ Sun Feb 21st 2AM (UTC)
Local Time:
- New York : 5PM ~ 9PM (20th)
- Brazil : 7PM ~ 11PM (20th)
- Spain, Italy : 11PM (20th) ~ 3AM (21st)
- Egypt : 12AM ~ 4AM (21st)
- Saudi, Turkey : 1AM ~ 5AM (21st)
- India : 3:30AM ~ 7:30AM (21st)
- Vietnam : 5AM ~ 9AM (21st)
- Seoul : 7AM ~ 11AM (21st)

박재봉 [Dr. JB Park]



Thank you~ ^^


Thanks you



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WebCeph may not be stable for around 24 hours due to regular system checkup. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

[NOTICE] Introducing New Feature : Toosapp

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Dear members.

Today, we are going to announce a new feature.

Until now, dental clinics had to use phone calls or SMS text services to communicate with their patients. However, these methods were not only costly each time, but also could not transfer various types of media (for example, photos or video etc.).

Now, we are introducing a whole new way to manage and communicate with your patients: Toosapp.

Toosapp offers very smart and easy communication tools for you and your patients.

When the patient installs Toosapp, they are connected to you, and you can easily send instructions, educational materials, and treatment progress photos to the patie... Read more


Go! Toosapp


Amazing!!! Awesome work~ :)


Grateful to be part of your group


Amazing App~!!




Amazing app thanks


how do you get to the doctor side of the app?


i'm having the same problem


Same problem here too

WebCeph Manager

WebCeph itself is the doctor side of the app. You can manage your patients and send posts and material from WebCeph and you do not have to make a new account for Toosapp to communicate with your patients. In patients' detail page, you can find Toosapp tab, and in there, you can send an invitation and send instructions etc. We will make a video tutorial on how to use Toosapp soon. Thank you.

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