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sharing cases with friends

Dr Hasan Odeh  

Thank you very much for developing such a beautiful software, job well done.
My question; is there an option to share a specific case with another person/friend in my list and not post it publicly?
Would also love to add visit notes section with patient's photos so we can track progress and check our routine adjustment visit notes.

WebCeph Manager

Thanks for your opinion. WebCeph has a Discuss function. When you hover over another user's avatar, a pop-up window will appear and you can become friends with them. When you register another doctor as a friend, you can open a discussion, and you can conduct specialized dental-related discussions in the discussion room. You can easily organize the case for the treatment progress by using the Case tab of the Patient Details page of WebCeph. If it is not the correct concept of Visit notes, please explain it in more detail then we can discuss the development of the corresponding function. Thank you for supporting WebCeph.