Wie Benutzt man WebCeph


1. Automatisierte Durchzeichnung und Analyse des FRS

A.I. automatically detects anatomical landmarks and finishes cephalo tracing in seconds.
WEBCEPH dramatically reduces the time and effort of orthodontists involved in the orthodontic case analysis and diagnosis.

#Automated #Cephalotracing

2. Visuelle Behandlungssimulation

You can simulate orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgery with ease at anytime and anywhere.
Simulate the treatment and save the result into an image or video file without difficult image work.

#VTO #STO #Simulation

3. Automatische Durchzeichnung

Using WebCeph, you can easily and quickly perform cephalo-image superimposition automatically.
You can evaluate and study the treatment progress immediately without the complicated and cumbersome cephalo tracing process.

#Automated #Superimposition

4. Fallübersicht

With just a few clicks, you can easily organize your clinical cases into templates.
And you can save your case in your own caseroom and review and study the cases whenever you want.

#Caseroom #Gallery

5. Image Viewer

Introducing WebCeph Viewer features.
WebCeph has three viewer modes: Single, Dual and Template.
Export and print the gallery image organized PDF format.

#Image #Viewer

6. Analysis Wizard and Measurement Wizard

WEBCEPH supports custom cephalometric analysis and measurement wizard.
In this tutorial, you can learn how to make your own custom analysis and measurements.

#Custom #Analysis #Wizard

7. WebCeph Forum, Posts und weiteren Kanälen

In WebCeph forum, you can share useful information about orthodontics with other users and visit users personal channel by clicking on the profile image of other users in the forum.
You can post your clinical know-how or thoughts on the forum, and by changing the level of publicity of posts, you can make post only for you to read, or make it public for everyone to read.

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8. Dashboard, Webinar, and Community

You can see various functions of WebCeph at a glance on WebCeph dashboard. In the webinar menu, you can upload orthodontic courses and share lectures with WebCeph users. Share your funny photos or videos in the community menu.

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