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WebCeph is een innovatief orthodontische en orthognatische analyseplatform voor tandartsen



Advanced Ad-Free WEBCEPH


$ 9.99/ month
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In WebCeph PLUS, you can use WebCeph's advanced features without watching advertisements.

The progress of the treatment is automatically made into a time-lapse video. You can save this and send it to the patient.

You can add extra landmarks to make your analysis method more versatile.

You can check the coordinates of each landmark and export it as an Excel file.

In WebCeph PLUS, the maxilla and mandible can be individually superimposed, and the function of superimposition of two or more multiple images is provided.

Instead of the WebCeph's watermark, you can print the logo of your clinic on the PDF analysis report.

You can check the movement amount of each landmark in well-organized table and export it as an Excel file.

The patient's facial profile pictures can be superimposed with the aid of artificial intelligence and saved as a video.

WebCeph PLUS allows you to organize clinical cases in a more diverse format. You can save the case images directly in WebCeph PLUS.

WebCeph PLUS provides the ability to compare measurements of different treatment stages in an analysis chart.

In the Viewer tab of WebCeph PLUS, the function to crop and edit clinical pictures is provided.

WebCeph PLUS provides additional features of Toosapp to communicate with patients.




FREE/ month

  • Automated Cephalo Tracing
  • Various Cephalometric Analysis
  • VTO/STO Simulation
  • Automated Superimposition
  • Image Gallery
  • Case Review and Caseroom