It is great to create your special analysis.



* One of the best advantages of (webceph) is that you can collect/create your special analysis. why?

*sometimes, one value or more not matching with your eye prediction so you will shift to another analysis which is time and effort consuming.

*sometimes you cannot depend on some planes as SN plane for example duo to increased inclination on anterior cranial base, So you have to do one of the two following option :

* calculate the relation between SN plane and FH (as true horizontal plane assuming NHP) and consider any increase or
decrease than normal in your values that will depend on SN plane (SN plane correction ).

*shift to analysis not depend on SN plane like McNamara (depend on true vertical line),or Down analysis (depend on FH

*sometimes you need to evaluate only dental or only sagittal
or only vertical.

*** In my trial, I divide analysis to 4 parts

A/P (09 component )
Vertical (11 component )
Dental (15 component ) and finally
Total Nassim Analysis (35 component ).

I hope it helpful.

Yehyun Kim

Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable knowledge.


Thank you! i hope you can share how to create your own analysis!