How to get a certification of WebCeph-X webinar

WebCeph Manager  


Hi~ members :)
I would like to inform you about WebCeph-X webinar registration and certification.

Visit the webinar registration address to see the current webinar information.
If you are a WebCeph member, click 'Member' to register, or if you are not a member, click 'Join for Free' to sign up and register.

In the dashboard screen of WebCeph,
Click 'Go to Notifications list' to view the webinar zoom url and certification link of the webinar in the notification list.
You can check again at any time by clicking on the Message at the bottom menu.

Certification link is activated only from the beginning of the webinar to 1 hour after the end.
And the code will be announced at the start and commented on the chatbox of Zoom at the end of the webinar.
Then you can enter the code and download certification of attendance.
If it can't be downloaded from mobile, try it on your PC.

CERTIFICATE of ATTENDANCE is for members who registered in advance and attended through zoom.

Thank you.






Why is my access,forbidden?


where to enter the code and get the certificate?

WebCeph Manager

check your notification list.. there's certi link.


How can I get certificate?


I forget the verification code ,can anybody help me?