[Orthognathic unit - Article#14] Double jaw surgery in patient with asymmetry.

박재봉 [Dr. JB Park]  


비대칭 환자의 턱교정 수술 케이스입니다.
This case is in regards to a patient with facial asymmetry.

3D 프로그램을 이용한 진단은, 현재상태의 정확한 입체적인 파악,
수술 중 생길 수 있는 많은 경우의 수 파악.수술 결과의 입체적인 예측을 통해 술자에게 많은 도움을 줄 수 있습니다.
A diagnosis using the 3D program can accurately grasp patient's three-dimensional skeletal state, identify the number of possibilities that may occur during surgery. Through three-dimensional prediction of surgery results It can be of great help to the surgeon

특히 비대칭 환자의 경우, 단순히 정면에서의 정중선의 일치 뿐 아니라
하악 하연의 Yawing 맞춤 (Z 회전축 기준대칭)
하악 하연의 Rolling 맞춤 (Y 회전축 기준대칭)
등을 섬세하게 예측하여, 정중선은 맞으나, 얼굴이 틀어져보이는 등의
심미적 한계점을 사전 차단할 수 있습니다.

Especially for asymmetric patients,
Not just correcting the midline in the front view, but also by predicting
Yawing correction of the mandible body (symmetric about the Z axis),
Mandibular Rolling Alignment (Y rotation axis reference symmetry) and etc. , you can refrain in advance for aesthetic limitations such as having a distorted face despite having the correct midline.

기능적으로는 Condyle 의 수술 전후 x/y/z 축 변화를
최소화하여 관절에 대한 무리를최소화 할 수 있습니다.
In addition, in the functional aspect,
you can minimize the negative effects on the joints by reducing the x/y/z axis changes of the Condyles before and after surgery


3D simulation/3D printing/3D superimposition
LeFort I osteotomy / BSSRO / Genioplasty

Dr. Jae-bong Park @ Gnatho OMFS clinic, South Korea
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박재봉 [Dr. JB Park]

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박재봉 [Dr. JB Park]

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great result dr. could you explain more what is the procedure you did for the mandible to correct asymmetry?

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Thanks. Dr. I performed bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy for mandible surgery.


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