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[Notice] WEBCEPH Plus New Analysis : Jefferson Analysis

WebCeph Manager  


Announcing the addition of a new analysis method in WEBCEPH.

The Jefferson analysis method, which has been requested by many WEBCEPH users, has been added to WEBCEPH PLUS.

After entering the Analysis tab, you can select 'Jefferson' from the analysis method menu.

We hope that this feature will help you provide high-quality orthodontic diagnostic services to your patients.

We will continue to keep adding good features in WEBCEPH.

Thank you so much.



This does not seem to appear on my drop down menu?

WebCeph Manager

Dear doctor. Thank you for the question. Jefferson analysis is a premium service so that analysis results are displayed only for users with a Plus level or higher. Thank you.


Can you share more data on Jefferson Analysis

WebCeph Manager

Dear doctor. Could you please explain a bit more about information about Jefferson analysis? (Ex. Explanation on the measurement items of Jefferson analysis) Thank you so much. Doctor.